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Reiko Hashimoto, owner of Hashi Cooking in London
Reiko Hashimoto, owner of Hashi Cooking in London

Chef Profile: Reiko Hashimoto

Owner of Hashi Cooking in London, chef, teacher and author Reiko Hashimoto introduces creative and simple techniques to novices looking to recreate authentic yet accessible Japanese dishes.

Reiko Hashimoto was raised in Kyoto, Japan by a mother whose fanatical attitude to traditional Japanese cooking was infectious. Her mother’s wisdom and influence remains integral to Hashimoto’s food practices—even today. After graduating from university as an English literature student, Hashimoto travelled the world as an air hostess, picking up new recipes and nurturing her love for cooking on the way. This experience pushed her to convert her passion into a career: setting up Hashi, her own business venture in London. The company catered for Japanese formal dining and canapé parties. This eventually evolved into a cookery school, and so, Hashi Cooking was born. Hashimoto was the first person in the UK to teach the art of sushi making. Additionally, Hashimoto offers a recipe and menu consultancy service to help restaurants provide the perfect balance of flavours to their diners. Her expertise also stretches to office and team building days, so that groups can learn to cook and work together harmoniously.

In 2011 Hashimoto released her first cookbook, Hashi, A Japanese Cookery Course. It proved to be an immense hit amongst beginners and experienced chefs alike. The success of this initial publication paved the way for others such as Cook Japan, Stay Slim, Live Longer—published by Bloomsbury in 2017. This book recognising the various health benefits of the Japanese diet, offering nourishing and delicious recipes for lovers of the cuisine. Hashimoto continues to experiment with new flavours and impart her wisdom onto avid students from her cookery school.

Catch our exclusive interview with Reiko Hashimoto where she discusses her new cookbook: Cook Japan, Stay Slim, Live Longer.

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