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Cone de Port Aubry
Cone de Port Aubry

Cone de Port Aubry

Cone de Port Aubry not only tastes fantastic but looks wonderful too, with its distinctive conical shape unique among cheeses. Its cone-like appearance was, in fact, accidental – when Hervé Mons, one of France’s most talented cheese affineurs, was making it for the first time he needed something to drain the curd, so used his wife’s brassiere as a mould.

A raw goat’s milk cheese produced near Selles-sur-Cher, it has a crumbly, dense texture and complex flavours incorporating melted butter, mushrooms and hazelnuts. The cheese is aged for around three months on straw mats in caves until dry, giving it a natural mould rind and a firm interior.

A favourite of Michel’s, he bought some Cone de Port Aubry as a Christmas gift for his wife.