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Gaggenau Ovens
Gaggenau Ovens

Cooker And Hob

The cooker and hob are the engine room of your kitchen. For pro chefs gas and induction are the only choices when it comes to hobs – conventional electric hobs are just too slow.

Most chefs cook on a traditional French top which is hot in the middle and cooler around the edge. Traditional range cookers such as the Aga offer this kind of heat combined with fast and slow ovens below that provide perfect conditions for cooking traditional British dishes such as roasts, casseroles, creamy rice puddings and rich fruit cakes. Modern induction hobs are as fast and reactive as gas and are used in many professional kitchens because there are no naked flames and very little risk of fire or accidental burns.

Thanks to microchips and digital control, modern electric ovens really are multipurpose. Right at the top end, Gaggenau’s single and double ovens include some very sophisticated features such as a meat probe, steam cooking, pyrolytic self cleaning, several different cooking functions to suit a variety of dishes, preprogrammed one touch recipes and more. If you don’t know how long your chicken will take to cook the oven will work it out and will keep the dish warm when cooking has finished. 

Gaggenau also makes a large range of top rated induction and gas hobs and now also offers five combination steam ovens (BS 280, BS 270, BS 274, BS 250 and BS 254) and two pure steam ovens (BS 220 and BS 224). Six of the seven models are 60cm wide and one of the Combisteam ovens – namely model BS 280 – is 76cm wide. All these models are A rated for energy efficiency and finished in stainless steel or aluminium to coordinate with Gaggenau’s award- winning new built in single oven range. For serious bread bakers (and many other uses) these steam ovens are the business. This company is also the official supplier to Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons and the Raymond Blanc Cookery School.