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a European wasp
Image via Barlow Tyrie

Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Go Back in the Garden

It’s a lovely day, so you decide to take your drink or your book outside to enjoy while basking in your sun lounger or favourite garden armchair. Or perhaps you’ve invited some friends for lunch alfresco—after all, there’s plenty of room around your beautiful teak garden table. All is going splendidly until the wasps decide to come and join you.

While we would never advocate mass wasp destruction—they are an important part of our garden ecosystem with a taste for aphids—it’s only sensible to try to persuade them to move along.

There is a product designed especially for teak garden furniture. It deters wasps from getting too close and spoiling the look of your furniture but hopefully will keep them away from you and your guests at the same time. Here’s hoping for a beautiful summer with plenty of opportunities to enjoy your gorgeous teak garden furniture, wasp-free!


You can find out more at just go to products and then accessories, (, or call BARLOW TYRIE, Tel: 01376 557 600.

Anti-Wasp Solution: 1 litre – Anti-Wasp Solution is applied to outdoor furniture to deter wasps from defacing weathered wood.

Instructions for use: Clean your furniture with soap and water then make sure the wood is 100 percent dry; apply a light coat of the Anti-Wasp solution with a clean, lint-free cloth and allow to dry for 30 minutes; repeat the process and allow to dry for one hour before exposing to the sun or rain; if necessary, repeat the treatment once or twice during the wasp season.