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Stuck for what to drink this season? Edinburgh Gin gives you the lowdown on the best types of gin for Christmas

Gin has enjoyed an exciting revival during the past few years, and in particular, handcrafted gins are capturing the hearts of gin drinkers worldwide. More than three quarters of all globally exported gin is now produced in the UK, 70 percent of which is made in Scotland. Here, we explore one of the country’s foremost distillers and discover their best types of gin for Christmas.

 Edinburgh Gin have been producing small batch gins in their copper stills ‘Flora’ and ‘Caledonia’ at their city centre distillery since 2014, which become a ‘must-see’ for gin-loving visitors to Edinburgh.

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They recently opened their second distillery at The Biscuit Factory in the historic gin port of Leith. Their new, custom-made copper still ‘Gin Genie’ has allowed the multi-award winning distillers to increase capacity to make enough gin for over 2.5 million G&Ts per year.

In time for this year’s festive season, Edinburgh Gin presents their spirited family of gins and liqueurs from Scotland’s enchanting capital city. What better way to celebrate yuletide than with their seasonal Christmas Gin, alluring and heady with a unique blend of botanicals. With warming frankincense, sweet myrrh, and lingering spice from cinnamon and nutmeg, Christmas Edinburgh Gin takes its inspiration from the ancient incense and spice routes and is delicious in a spiced winter Negroni.

For lovers of understated elegance, the flagship Edinburgh Gin is a modern classic. This is a juniper-forward London Dry gin, given a distinctive Scottish identity with a recipe including lavender, pine buds, mulberries and milk thistle seed. It’s as crisp as a winter’s morning, with a distinctively smooth finish; the perfect gin for those fireside G&Ts.

Inspired by Edinburgh’s naval heritage of cannons, Cannonball Gin is a Navy Strength 100 percent proof gin, defined by intense juniper and oriental spice. This is sure to blast its way to the top of the Christmas wish list for those who like their martinis refined and punchy!

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With foraged native Scottish marine botanicals, Seaside Gin harnesses the essence of the seaside to evoke a day at the beach. Seaside Gin is defined by juniper, soft minerality and sweet notes.

These enticing gins are also joined by a family of exquisite gin liqueurs, Raspberry, Elderflower and Rhubarb & Ginger. Whether added to a glass of prosecco or mixed into a variety of delectable cocktails, each is brimming with luscious fruit flavours.

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An opulent new limited edition liqueur has just been released in time for the Christmas cocktail season. With its juicy stone fruits and exotic Madagascan vanilla, Plum & Vanilla delivers an artful dash of elegance your drinks.  

As we enter the season of goodwill, Edinburgh Gin’s distinguished range of gins and liqueurs promise to bring the spirit of Christmas to your glass.

Our thanks to Edinburgh Gin Distillery for their assistance in writing this article.

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