Wines & VinesCoravin Experts Reveal 10 Fantastic Red Wine Grape Varieties

Coravin, a company revolutionising the way the world drinks wine, discloses the top 10 red wine grape varieties to choose the perfect bottle of wine.

Coravin, a company revolutionising the way the world drinks wine, discloses the top 10 red wine grape varieties to choose the perfect bottle of wine.

With the vast range of red wine grapes out there, it’s difficult to determine the most popular ones among them. However, with the help of the experts at Coravin—producers of handy gadgets to access and pour wine from a bottle without pulling the cork—we have compiled a list of the top ten most popular. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

A variety that grows well in humid regions, Cabernet Sauvignon is a noble grape that became famous as one of the red wines of Médoc, in Bordeaux. Nowadays, it is grown all over the world, including in California, Italy, Chile and Argentina.


Easily the most cultivated grape variety in Bordeaux, the Merlot grape makes fantastic wine. It is one of the main grapes grown in Chile, Northeastern Italy and Washington.

Pinot Noir

This is an enigmatic and challenging grape on the palate, but the Pinot Noir grape yields among the finest wine in the world. It is mainly grown in France, but other regions producing Pinot Noir include New Zealand, Oregon, Chile and parts of Australia.


Zinfandel is among some of the oldest grape varieties grown in the sunny state of California. It is a grape that is highly regarded there. Characterised by a blackberry and raspberry flavour, for many years experts were baffled by its origins. However, after some research, it has been established that Zinfandel is a Croatian grape.


A heavy-skinned, dark grape that growst best in hot climates, the Shiraz grape is most commonly found in California and Australia. However, it also excels in Sicily. 


A grape originating from France, Malbec was once one of the main components of wine varietals in Bordeaux. Having said this, winemakers in Argentina and France have figured out how to make this grape thrive in their respective climates.


Recent data has shown Tempranillo may be the largest cultivated grape variety per acre. Although it is the wine of Spain, it is also grown in warmer climates like California, Turkey, New Zealand, Texas and Australia.


An excellent pairing choice for Italian and Mediterranean-style cuisines, it is mainly produced in warmer climate areas like Italy’s Tuscany region and sunny California. The primary preparation style is medium-bodied with plum flavours and fresh berries.


These red wine grapes are versatile and go well with many dishes, including tomato-rich sauces and culinary delights. This grape variety thrives in temperate regions, particularly in Italy. it is known for its delicious taste, silky texture and unique acidity. 


This is Chile’s most popular red wine grape, and it has a fascinating story to it too. It was originally grown in France and is actually a member of the Cabernet family. Its name, which translates to crimson refers to the colours of the grape around harvesting season.