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Still trying to diet after the festive season but unable to resist a sweet treat? Don’t worry, with this particular confectionery you might only need one piece to satisfy your sugar cravings.

Still trying to diet after the festive season but unable to resist a sweet treat? Don’t worry, with this particular confectionery you might only need one piece to satisfy your sugar cravings.

It’s often pink-and-white and for generations it’s been a seaside favourite. No, not candy floss—but slabs of chewy nougat. With its main ingredients consisting of predominantly sugar and honey this product is perfect for those who need to satisfy their sugar cravings. Nougat is famed for its hard and chewy consistency, making it a moreish treat. Prestigious outlets such as Partridges in Sloane Square and Kensington have begun stocking luxury versions of the confectionery, with a popular response from consumers. Rather than having to wait until their next visit to a seaside confectionery shop, hand-made nougat is now readily available for the masses. When consuming nougat a lot really goes a long way—so if you need to satisfy your sugar cravings it’s the ideal sweet snack to give you a boost of energy.

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Such high-quality nougat, increasingly sought after at home and abroad for its exceptional taste and texture, is being produced by a fledgling enterprise in Shropshire, Champion and Reeves. From being a kitchen start-up just over a year ago, Champion & Reeves, established by entrepreneurs Jacqueline Champion and Andrew Reeves and strengthened by an injection of more than £165,000 crowdfunding from 67 investors, is now an award-winning business with its own 3,000 sq ft unit at the Shropshire Food Enterprise Centre. Members of The Guild of Fine Food, they are now also exporting to Japan and handling enquiries from America, Australia, Canada, Germany and China.

So how will you be able to get your hands on their nougat and satisfy your sugar cravings? This Morning Live, a brand-new show at the NEC in Birmingham beginning in May, will be host to a display by the brand. There will be a display of their latest confectionery snack goods with a particular focus on their dessert nougat, which involves Italian cherries infused in rose water. They will also be sampling their new range of chocolate products, presenting the perfect opportunity to satisfy your sugar cravings.

Amongst its mouth-watering range of natural products is a luxurious dessert nougat – lovingly created from a unique recipe, but one that is based on one that originates from the “nougat capital” of the world – the classic nougat de Montelimar, containing 23 per cent almond, nine per cent pistachio and 29 per cent honey. Very soon, Champion & Reeves will be producing 2,000 pieces of nougat a day – admittedly nothing like the 4,500 tons coming annually from Montelimar, but each piece vouched for by its satisfied customers as matching the best that French producers might offer for quality, appearance, flavour and texture.

So what is the key to Champion & Reeves’ success? Firstly, their products are 100 percent natural with no artificial additives or flavourings—they are even gluten and palm oil-free. Champion & Reeves also ensure that all of their ingredients are sourced through local producers and suppliers. Their utilisation of natural extracts extends the shelf life of their products whilst also improving the texture, flavour and complexity of the nougat itself. Now when you need to satisfy your sugar cravings, you won’t have to worry about consuming lots of additives as well.

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Their dessert nougat contains only natural ingredients including pistachio, blanched almonds and orange blossom honey. They also intend to put a new and unique spin on the classic nougat recipe by introducing interesting flavours such as cream toffee—which incorporates double cream and the most expensive nut in the world, macadamia. Another popular line Champion & Reeves produces is butterscotch; they pride themselves on the authenticity of their recipe, which they distribute widely across the UK. What better way to satisfy your sugar cravings than with some delicious butterscotch?

It is no exaggeration to say that Champion & Reeves has gone from strength to strength in a very short space of time, winning the Best New Business in Shropshire award in 2016, and on the back of client demand it plans to launch several more products over the coming years – all of which will enhance the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of the finest natural confectionary that money can buy.

The managing director, Jacqueline Champion, has openly expressed that the company’s passion for the industry is reflected in the hard work demonstrated by their employees. A skilled team of chefs and food production technicians has acted as the cogs that keep their enterprise constantly moving forward. The company’s ambitions for the future are set on installing more equipment and widening their collections, whilst continuing to expose new audiences to their creations. So if you need to satisfy your sugar cravings, Champion & Reeves are the ideal brand to provide well-sourced, delicious treats.

To find out more about Champion and Reeves’ products visit their website: www.championreeves.com