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Aga Refrigerator
Aga Refrigerator

Aga Refrigerator

Maintaining the correct temperature for fresh food storage for just a day or two is vital for both the freshness of fine food as well as maintaining essential health and hygiene control. Seriously on the cool side is the Aga Refrigeration. It features multiple configurations, flexible storage solutions, frost-free technology and anti-bacterial protection in addition to outstanding efficiency and temperature control.

The Aga Side-by-Side fridge-freezer boasts numerous state-of-the art features. This multi-featured model includes separate temperature controls to produce targeted cooling for prolonged freshness and retention of moisture and nutrients. Six cooling zones in the Side-by-Side cater for dairy, drinks, salads, fruit and veg, meat and cheese, and are arranged to give food types the specific temperature needed. Flavour is locked in without letting conflicting smells and tastes affect the flavour of food stored elsewhere.

Aga says it’s taking refrigeration into the future by marrying exceptional design with eco-friendliness and energy efficiency.