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High quality knives are essential for every top chef or hobby chef at home.

Top chefs always have their own high quality knives. Loved, cherished and always carried in a case or in a knife roll, these implements are at the heart of good cooking. A set of high quality knives is an investment worth making. Different cutting jobs require different blades and knife sizes – using the proper blade for the job is safer and makes preparation easier.

The most essential knives are a small 5cm or 7.5cm peeling knife for round vegetables, a 7.5cm or 10cm paring knife for paring and slicing fruit and vegetables, a 13cm or 15cm utility knife for general peeling, slicing, and carving, an 20cm or 23cm chef’s knife for chopping and dicing and an 20cm or 23cm serrated edge bread knife.

More expensive brands such as Global, Henckels, Sabatier or Wüsthof are made of harder steel which is sharper and keeps its edge longer than cheaper knives. Wüsthof is an official supplier to Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons and the Raymond Blanc Cookery School. The blade is an integral part of the handle and is riveted in place so will never work loose.

Good knives are designed for optimum balance and comfort – ask if you can hold the knives before you buy. Be serious about getting the best out of your knives and buy a sharpening steel or whetstone. A sharp knife needs less effort to cut and makes the job easier and therefore safer.