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The Savoys Character Cocktail, Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra
One of The Savoy's Character Cocktails, Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra

The Savoy’s Character Cocktails: Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra

In 2013, one year after The Savoy opened its Beaufort Bar, Chris Moore introduced his ‘Character Cocktails’, creations inspired by some of The Savoy’s most famous guests.

Character Cocktails introduce a touch of theatre to the already dramatic surroundings of the Beaufort Bar at The Savoy. Four new cocktail creations pay tribute to four of the many famous personalities to have stayed at The Savoy; Ernest Hemingway, Coco Chanel, Charlie Chaplin and Frank Sinatra.

Each cocktail has been created in a collaborative effort by the award-winning team of mixologists at the Beaufort Bar. Adding an element of surprise and intrigue to the service, the cocktails are served in era-specific vintage glassware and are garnished tableside, in front of the guest, to reflect the inspiration behind the drink.

Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra

Created by Chris Moore and inspired by Sinatra’s declaration that ‘orange is the happiest colour’ and his love of Jack Daniels, so much so that he was buried with a bottle of it.

Jack Daniel’s Savoy Silver Select, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, Vintage Benedictine, Cocchi Americano. Served in a 1950s whisky tumbler, garnished with a flamed orange and presented on a rare Frank Sinatra 7-in. vinyl.

Character Cocktails are available today in the Beaufort Bar at The Savoy, priced at £25 per drink.