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Mediterranean holdiays offer a unique island break—an unbeatable combination of rich history, spectacular coastline and guaranteed sunshine.

Mediterranean holdiays offer a unique island break—an unbeatable combination of rich history, spectacular coastline and guaranteed sunshine that is just a stone’s throw away. The exclusive Italian island of Capri, off the Gulf of Naples, is the destination for a luxury short-haul holiday.


Escape to Capri

Arriving on a short boat ride from Naples, you’re met by a dramatic, mountainous landscape lined with picturesque fishing coves. The jet-set adore this island—Barbra Streisand and Rod Stewart to name a few.

Chic Capri Town, popular for its plethora of designer shops, is nestled between the island’s two mountains—Mount Tiberio and Solaro— a wonderful contrast with Capri’s magical aquamarine grottos. Its famous blue grotto cave dates back to Roman times.

The island’s climate escapes the Med’s harsh high-summer sun, maintaining a pleasant mid- twenties temperature. Factor in lush flora and wildlife like the large albatross and rare blue Faraglioni lizard, and you have a fascinating isle.


Capri culture

Caesar Augustus visited Capri in 29BC, followed by Emperor Tiberius. Countless Roman nobles used it as their summer retreat, leaving some impressive architecture behind. First stop has to be the island’s ancient villas, churches and monasteries.

Caprese cuisine is mouth-watering, and eating out in its quaint restaurants can easily become the day’s highlight. Try the Insalata Caprese, local Cuttlefish and Lemoncello—a liqueur made from Capri lemons.

A guided boat tour of the island is essential to explore its many caves and beautiful bays. On land, stroll through the quiet village of Anacapri and sip drinks in the island’s famous square, the Piazzetta.


Capri luxury

There’s plenty to indulge in on Capri. The island is overflowing with luxury five star hotels—set into the cliffs, with dramatic sea views and some of the world’s finest spas. The Capri Palace Hotel and Spa (right) even has its own Beauty Farm where you can sample cutting edge beauty therapies. If you’ve the cash to flash, charter a boat to see Capri’s coves at your own pace and hire a luxury villa on the water’s edge.

With the mainland so close to Capri, a trip to Ravello is a temptation not to be resisted! Stay at the Hotel Caruso ( — magnificently placed and with views along the Amalfi coast, this hotel offers a memorable experience.


Getting to Capri

British Airways, BMI and easyjet fly to Naples from the UK. From Naples airport, take a taxi to Beverello Harbour where you take a 40 minute hydrofoil across to Capri.