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Drinks Hamper’s Classic & Contemporary Cocktails: Champagne Raspberry Melba by David Galetti

David Galetti became head sommelier at le Gavoche in 2008, having graduated from the position of assistant sommelier, which he held from 2001 until 2004, before moving to Mauritius to manage another Roux venture, Le Gavroche Des Tropiques. Although David’s first love is wine, he has created three champagne cocktails, which perfectly reflect the classic nature of Le Gavroche. 


Champagne Raspberry Melba by David Galetti

4 cl fresh raspberry puree
8cl Champagne
Fresh raspberry

Pour the raspberry puree into a glass with ice and slowly add 5cl of champagne to make the base mix. 
Pour the mix into a chilled champagne glass once nicely blended. Complete gently with champagne, stirring gently at the same time. 
Garnish with a fresh raspberry and serve.

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