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A match made in heaven, the rich notes from the cheese combine with the wine to provide a sensational combination that is ideal for dining.

A match made in heaven, the rich notes from the cheese combine with the wine to provide a sensational combination that is ideal for dining.

Cheese: Comté
Wine: Domaine Ganevat Côtes du Jura “Les Grandes Teppes”, 2008
David: “A Chardonnay from the Côtes du Jura, we’ve stayed local in the matching of the cheese. The Comté has got a beautiful nuttiness so the Côtes du Jura, with its slightly toasted buttery note and a fresh walnut aftertaste, makes this a stunning balance.”
Valrhona Chocolate: Jivara – “The rich buttery and toasted notes of this Chardonnay pairs fantastically well with the creamy and chocolatey Jivara.”

Cheese: Munster
Wine: Gewurztraminer “Vendanges Tardives”, Domaine Leon Beyer 1998
David: “The Munster is quite stinky so you need a wine to cover that power. The Gewurztraminer has lovely lychee and rose petal notes, and the 1998 still has a slightly beautiful freshness. A gorgeous balance.” 
Valrhona Chocolate: Abinao – “Powerful but balanced delicately with the sweet, exotic aromas of the lychees and rose petal.”

Cheese: St Maure
Wine: Montlouis Sur Loire “Mineral +” Domaine Frantz, Saumon 2011
David: “St Maure is originally from the Loire valley so we’ve stayed local by choosing a wine from Mont-Louis. It’s got a really fresh, citrusy, floral note with quite a low acidity so, when paired with the St Maure, which is a relatively creamy goat’s cheese, the flavours are balanced
very well.”
Valrhona Chocolate: Tainori – “Yellow fruits balanced with this lovely chenin blanc, peach, citrus and floral notes.”

Cheese: Stilton
Wine: Chateau Gilette “Crème de Tête”, Sauternes 1986
David: “Stilton is a very deep, rich and creamy style of blue cheese. Crème de Tête is also beautifully rich and creamy with some lovely exotic notes. Orange peel gives it a lovely balance. The creaminess of the stilton, and even its power, suits that balance fantastically well.”
Valrhona Chocolate: Manjari – “The fresh and tangy note of the chocolate is enhanced with orange peel and exotic richness of this fabulous sauternes.”

Cheese: Reblochon
Wine: Château Magdelaine, Saint Émilion Grand Cru 1990
David: “Reblochon is relatively creamy so we need a red wine that is relatively soft and velvety, so we’ve gone for the Saint Émilion Grand Cru, Château Magdelaine 1990. It’s very delicate and has an earthiness. Together, they’re heavenly.”
Valrhona Chocolate: Alpaco – “Beautiful rich floral and oaky notes balanced with violet and earthy, velvety tannin of this Saint Émilion.”

Cheese: Spenwood
Wine: Innis & Gunn Beer, Oaked aged, Edinburgh, Scotland
David: “An original pairing. The Spenwood has a slightly nutty finish so the Innis & Gunn beer from Scotland, aged in oak barrels, as given it a lovely texture of vanilla and even some fresh nutty notes. They’re a fun pairing that really work together.”
Valrhona Chocolate: Tanariva – “Delicious Scottish beer aged in oak barrel with rich caramel and vanilla notes balanced with the sweet and creamy chocolate.” 


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