Wines & VinesMore Than Just A Pretty Place: The Rise Of Rosé Wine

Steeped in history, Provence has been attracting wine lovers for centuries

Provence has been drawing in visitors from all over the world to the South Eastern region of France for years. Tourists flock to the area for many reasons: they are attracted to its history, its culture and its Michelin-Starred restaurants, but most of all for its homegrown wine. Blessed by mostly dry and sunny weather, Provence provides the idyllic climate for growing grapes and with vineyards dating back 2,600 years, wine making has been woven into the history of the area.

However, over recent years tourists have come to Provence for one reason in particular, because it is the birthplace of Rosé wine. The pretty pink beverage, easy to drink and full of fruity aromas, has grown substantially in popularity and has become the preferred drink for all social occasions, filling women’s glasses all over the world. Its mouth-watering flavours also mean that it can easily be paired with an impressive range of dishes, so it is the perfect addition to a range of leisurely activities, whether its dining in the garden as the evenings get warmer or just catching up with friends after work. 

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